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8mm Mauser surplus ammo problem

I ordered some 8mm mauser ammo that, according to the website, is 1950's yugoslavian production. The site and the ammo got good reviews and it was a good price, so I bought some.

I have a turkish 8mm mauser that I've used modern ammo in quite a bit (Wolf Gold 8mm mauser 196gr) with no problems. The problem came when I tried this surplus ammo. NONE of the 10 we tried in it fired. We got what appear to be good dimpling on the primer, but no boom-boom. I called a local gunshop and the fellow there suggested that these might be repackaged machine gun rounds and that the firing pin isn't hitting hard enough to cause detonation. I've provided 2 pictures below. IMG_0307 is the Wolf (modern) ammo after firing. IMG_0308 is the surplus showing the dimple, but didn't fire. The other picture is of the packaging box and printing.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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