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I agree that the 45acp isn't really a good "Woods" gun. In those situations, I bring a 357 magnum. Would I own a 10mm? No, not going to happen. I'm not into reloading that much any longer, and the 10mm is a dying caliber. Difficult to find ammo for and expensive when you do. Then again, I would never get a 45gap or 357sig either. I prefer "common" calibers. Calibers that I can buy ammo in bulk. I buy 45acp 230 grain LRN for $11.99 a box. It's a no brainer. I don't want a niche cartridge that isn't practical. Yes, it's unique, and some people go for unique. I want practical.

If I could only have, or could only afford to have 1 pistol/caliber in my life, that gun/caliber would be a 357 magnum revolver. Once you can afford, and choose to have, more than 1 gun/caliber, then things change. But your FIRST gun, or if it's your ONLY gun, it should be the 357 magnum revolver. It can do anything you want it to. The only drawback is for those who for some reason believe they need a high capacity magazine. But except for magazine count, a 357 magnum can have ammo as light or as heavy as you want. It can do and out do, all other calibers as low as a 380 and beyond what a 45acp can do. Including the 10mm, 40sw, 9mm, 44 spl, and even 41 magnum.
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