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Originally Posted by dogtown tom IS Saturday...and I believe Saturday is the designated "OMG!OMG! OBAMA'S GONNA TAKE MY GUNS!" day of the week.

As a teacher, I find it sad that many in our firearms community are experts on the Second Amendment, but apparently slept through the rest of their US History, Civics and American Government classes in school.

Now, remember that with Sunday being Easter Sunday, the "Secret Obama Law Requires You to List All You Guns On Your 1040!!!" day has been pushed to Monday. Please do not post any "Secret Obama Law Requires You to List All You Guns On Your 1040!!!" postings until Monday.
Hahahaha I lol'd. I first heard this garbage in a gun shop (I know it's not the best place for intelligent political discourse) and my dad was all freaked out about it. The same thing happens when every year the same Senator introduces a bill to ban all handguns in the United States. He introduces it every year, and every year it never even makes it into committee. He has been doing this for decades. Tons of Senators do that for a very specific reason:

Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts
They want to "look like they are doing something" for their base; but they realize that actually doing something would be suicidal.
This. There are crazy bills introduced every year so that Senators and Representatives can go home and say that they are sponsoring legislation to <insert something important to their fringe base here>. That's all it is. Sometimes I feel that people are just looking for something to latch onto and get outraged about.
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