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Almost a year later and I'm still pleased with this scope. Since my last post I've spent quite a few hours at the range target shooting 100-400 yards using this scope with my 7mm Rem Mag Sendero. About three weeks ago, I shot 400 yards for the first time. I loaded up some 168 grain SMKs with 63.5 grains of RE-22 and shot with the scope on 10 power. My first 5 shot group ever at 400 yards avg. 7.304 inches. My second 5 shot group averaged 3.373 inches at 16 power. Since I was tired of walking to my target I pulled it back to 100 yards and adjusted the scope a bit. At 100 yards on 10 power average 1.722 in.

I was able to see mirage clearly at 400 yards and had absolutely no problem clearly seeing target at 100 yards. I hope to go back out in another few weeks. The glass didn't fall outta the scope, the knobs are still attached and functional, it stays on target. When I first mounted the scope it was canted to the right. I didn't bother fixing it cause it was shooting so well. I made the adjustment, bore sighted, and hit the range. I Wanna try to get some more time in before the turkey hunters hit the bushes. I'm gonna try to tighten up the 3.373 group a bit before I move on to 600 yards.

I'm not a expert you guys are, and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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