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Just as a follow up to my post, the North American black bear record is actually almost 900 pounds in North Carolina.

For a woods gun, .357 is really the minimum as well as 10 mm with both with fairly similar ballistics when consider the higher end loads. For the two legged creatures in cities, .45 acp is more than adequate. Having looked into the issue for myself, I don't see much over lap between personal protection in cities vs a woods gun. The .45 acp as good a record as it has in personal defense is not going to get you the impact you need in the woods with every possible situation you could find yourself in. Just what is running around in the Pacific Northwest at this time? I would definitely treat Snoqualmie as a grizzly area in considering what to carry with you. The average 150 pound mountain lion could readily be stopped by a .45 acp, but is that all that you could encounter in these woods?
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