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I have a .444 Marlin that I love dearly, but it is an unrequited love with 3 jams in only 50 rounds or less. My local gunsmith has attempted to fix the Marlin jam twice and it looked like we had it solved until I shot it a week ago. 5 rounds were fine, but the 6th jammed as a single feed. I am sending it back to the factory.

I had added 1.5 pounds of lead to the stock to get it up to a 9 pound total weight and its recoil is only that of 20 ga at most. It is a very accurate gun and getting older, it is a great bear protection for the type of recoil I wish to handle at this time. I will relate how the factory send goes. By the sounds of it, Marlin is very responsive. Since this is the perfect caliber and easy to shoot, I am hoping that they will fix the gun this time. Simply replacing the carriage has not solved the dreaded marlin jam in this gun.
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