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Smith & Wesson Model 10 (Stamped on frame behind cylinder hinge)
4 inch
serial C485123
Box says 38 Military & Police
Nickel 4 inch Square
Value can range from $250 well used to ~ $500 "As New In Box"
It's a .38 special, 4 in. tapered barrel, adjustable rear sight. Stock looking wood grip and is if very good condition.
SN. K724***
Under the cylinder hindge reads the following..R724*** MOD. 16-2
I'd like to know the year, any interesting info (I can find a model 16 .32, but not a .38) and if +P ammunition will be safe with this revolver.
Serial number dates it to 1967.
Model 16's are only chambered in .32 caliber.
Yours with a 4" tapered barrel in 38 would likely be a model 15.
Yes, you can use +P.

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