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Originally Posted by vranasaurus
...Possession of a medical marijuana card is evidence of marijuana use.

The card alone is not enough to get or sustain a conviction but it does give me probable cause to believe the possessor is a marijuana user. I would say that if you are in possession of a medical marijuana card it is more likely than not that you are a marijuana user. It is more than a mere inference.

Why else would you have a medical marijuana card?...
Originally Posted by publius42
vranasaurus, see post 28 for one reason.
Originally Posted by publius42, post 28
...If I could get a medpot card, I would do it just to irritate people who hate pot.
If you want to go to a doctor to confirm a medical diagnosis for which marijuana may be prescribed under applicable state law and create a medical record that you have that medical condition just to tweak someone's nose, that's up to you. But I suspect that's a very uncommon hobby.

And even if you are creating a bogus record just for sport, you will nonetheless cause people who find out to believe that you have a particular disease and that you use marijuana. If that's your idea of a good time, knock yourself out.
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