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I sure am glad that only one or two THR folks have ever had adrenaline get in the way of sound judgement in every exciting situation in which they found themselves.

I watched a guy empty his 94 thutty-thuitty at a deer, one time. One problem: He never pulled the trigger. Worse than that, he wouldn't believe it when I explained why the deer never fell--until he looked on the ground.

That makes me sorta tolerant when I run across stories where the main theme is "Oops!"
I had a buddy do just the opposite. He pulled back the hammer, fired the first round (in his excitement, he missed), then pulled back the hammer repeatedly, and dropped it on the empty case.

He couldn't figure out why his rifle wouldn't fire, and didn't believe me 'till he tried to reload it.

The magazine was full.

He did learn from the experience, though.

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