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Cuba, I understand full well about heavier recoil springs and forward battering, I agree with what you are saying about them. I've advised shooters for years against heavier recoil springs.

Still the modification that you are making to the frame weakens it in a critical support area.

Granted using a 14 pound recoil spring, shooting milder loads, using a heavier main spring and a small radius firing pin stop will slow down the slide speed, however with enough rounds fired you will see some forward battering.

Keep in mind the hardness of the parts involved that contribute to forward battering. Most slides will test at 40 RC, most barrels will test at 42 RC, most slide stops will test at 52 RC, and the frames test at 24 to 28 RC.
The softest part being the frame is what will show signs of battering first.

I read some of the article you refered to about point shooting. I'm a big believer in point or instinct shooting for defensive purposes, however there's a much better method of doing it without laying your finger along side the 1911 frame.

Through all my years of shooting and competing with 1911 guns, I've shot well over 200,000 rounds and have never walked a slide stop out of the frame to cause a malfunction in the gun.

Bob Hunter
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