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Long ago,faced with the options ofA) Failing a drug test and losing my job or B) Not using pot and paying my mortgage and feeding my family,I made a choice.I also had baby shoes to buy with the $30.( that used to be the price of an oz of columbian)
Today,it is the same circumstance with the card.Either choice is fine,but guns and pot leaves you vulnerable to felony prosecution.The card documents you as a user.The new Fed Health care makes your med records fed property.
My concern about this issue is about the future of the second ammendment.Some folks with agendas have been working a long time.They know what will happen with the Charleton Heston generation.Better idea to work on the younger folks.Many young folks hold pot real high on the priority list.They hold it so high they might risk their second ammendment rights,and,indeed,they might lose them.Then this generation will not raise children and grandchildren who shoot.That is victory for the anti gun.We have a responsibility to pass on the 2nd ammendment legacy to our children.It is their liberty.
I hope you all won't give it away too cheap.We all have to make choices.
I suspect(I am not a lawyer) if a person went to the Dr and officially made ending the prescription a part of the med record,then just cleaned up to be able to pass a test,maybe shave your head and grow new hair,you will be able to prove non-user status with a drug test.
FWIW,I was in my 20's during the 70's
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