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Thanks for clarifying the entire thread. I agree, it seems reasonable to me - though I've never hunted for elk. Hope that will change this year, but . . . . .

When I was younger, I'd count the shots. 1 shot meant someone got an animal. Two shots meant maybe someone got an animal. More than two meant no animal

I take one shot. I only take a second quick shot if I am shooting another animal. Otherwise, if I take a second shot on an animal (whitetail deer) it is just to put down an animal that is struggling or that I had a bad initial hit on. But I wouldn't take that right away - any animal that you placed a poor shot on will be spooked and moving too much to hit with a well placed shot. Need to wait and track it.

Brandy, thats an impressive looking animal.

Check out this awesome 7x7 Bull Elk that I saw today in a congressional office here in DC. Congressman shot it a couple of years ago and just recently got the mount back. Took them a few days to actually get it in his office. It was shot in Lincoln County, Nevada right on the Utah border.

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