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Now that the weather is spring-like I have been using my chrony to get all of my loads fine tuned. I have a Shooting Chrony Beta Master with optional memory to give me a total of 1000 shot memory. This is overkill as the most I have ever used in one session is 250. After shooting my first chrony dead, I built a titanium shield for the front of the chrony. I also replaced the metal rods holding the diffuser with wood dowels. I have shot these, so I always keep a half dozen or so in my bag. I always shoot at a distance of 15 feet and I always use a gun stand and a target behind the chrony to help prevent accidents.
I will typically make tags for each load end paste them onto a sheet with the string number. When I get home from the range I write down the shot info from the chrony and do my calculations. I think that having the computer next to you (as opposed to on the chrony) makes the whole operation much easier. Outside of a few read errors here and there, I have few problems with my system. I did break down and bought a tripod for the chrony. It just helps to ensure that everything is secure. Now that I have been doing this for a while, set up and take down is 5 minutes or less.
I think that having a printer at the range is cumbersome at best unless it is important that you have a record of the chrony info there (like testing power bases for IDPA).

Best of luck.

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