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Brandy, first of all Mauser was shooting a standard 230gr HP, not a hot handload. Second, I've never heard anybody talk about the 45 ACP as an adequate elk caliber. Even deer is a stretch but its been done. I would consider 45 ACP marginal at best for deer. But Elk with a 45 ACP? You can't be serious. We're talking about Elk here. Not a Whitetail. An Elk dude. To me the minimum for Elk with a handgun is 44 Magnum.

The hottest that I know a 45 ACP can be loaded is to about 500-550 ft/lbs of energy. That simply isn't anywhere near adequate for Elk. The 30-30 is considered a marginal loading for Elk and even that has more energy than any 45ACP +P loading in existence even out to 300 yards. As a newbie you might want to be a little more guarded. Saying a hot 45 ACP load is an adequate Elk loading is highly irresponsible. Semi-auto handguns are poor choices for hunting firearms. They simply can't cycle and feed ammunition with proper bullet construction for hunting. 45 LC loaded hot is enough for big game but the 45 ACP. No no no.
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