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Mausermolt, you really need to do a better job writing because from from what you've written, nowhere does it say that before you began shooting at it, that you knew the animal was already wounded. If you give that same story to the authorities you could get in serious trouble. It doesn't matter if the animal is already wounded. You need to take good shots. Shooting an already wounded elk with more poorly placed shots doesn't do anybody any good. Just because an animal is already wounded doesn't give you the right to engage in behavior like that. I highly doubt the meat was even edible at the point in time. You can get in trouble for that as well.

You aren't doing an animal a favor by shooting it in the guts and breaking its leg. Get over yourself. From what I'm gathering you didn't know that it was already wounded until you finally caught up with it. You and your brother participated in very unethical hunting behavior. Case closed.

Use better judgement next time or you could end up behind bars maybe for accidentally killing another hunter. I'm dead serious about that. You dont' start spraying rounds all over the woods to bring down an elk. You only take a shot if you know you can get a good shot off and if the shot is likely to stop the animal right there. You only fire a repeat shot if you know you can get off a well placed shot. If you can't fire a repeat shot, gather yourself for a minute and then start tracking the animal. You don't just hop out of a vehicle and start spraying bullets all over the place. You need to observe the animal and area first to make sure that you can get a good shot off and also understand what is behind the animal.

The silly thing is. If the Elk had only been shot in the hoof by the previous hunters there is a very good chance it would have survived that wound. You are all over the board Mausermolt. You engaged in senseless hunting behavior and justifty by the fact that the animal was previously wounded. You didn't know it when you started shooting. At least from what you've written.

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