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Poor boys countersink slide stop


This thread was meant as a tutorial for people that would like this enhancement done but can't find any one to do it for them.

The countersink on my frame didn't really remove that mush metal just enough to create a dimple, I was left with 3/16 at the top and 5/16 at the bottom.

What actually puts excessive wear on the slide stop pin is when people are advise to increase the recoil spring to 18 1/2#, now that will truly put a battering on your barrel lugs and slide stop pin.

I chose to slow my frame by a combination of 14# recoil spring, 25#main spring and changing my firing pin stop with the EGW small radius 5/64. I have shot about 2500 rounds of 230 gr with 5gr bulls eye powder and my frame does not show any wear at the slid stop shaft. Thanks for your input.

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