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Any info on a S&W Mod 64-6, serial number CER57XX

Its a S&W .38 special, six-shot with 5 inch barrel. It has fluted cylinder, fixed sights, and checkered walnut grips. I believe its a M&P. Serial number is 4-digits starting with 40xx. Mine is identical to this one (see attached photo) except mine has 5" barrel, this appears to be 6". Mine also has a smaller/shorter hammer. I would really appreciate it if someone could let me know what model it is, what year it is, and if possible what it may be worth.
SN 40XX would be a first year production (1899) .38 Military & Police 1st Model.
Not sure about the hammer, a picture would be nice!
Value depends on condition, running $1K+ in excellent.

S&W Model 25 in 38 Spcl. SN K3994XX
Model 25's are 45 caliber. Your serial number dates it to 1960 and is likely a model 14 or 15.

S&W, Model 29 N310XXX

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