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Tuarus magazine problem...

Ok guys so this is what I found the problem to be as I had this same issue with just cycling snap caps through the gun. The slide hold back lever tends to work it's self out the left side of the frame just enough for the magazine follower to ride over the TOP of the hold back lever on the inside of the gun. Since the Tuarus factory mag followers are a thin metal it hooks over the top of the take down lever tab. This is why on the off chance the hold back did in engage even after the follower has ridden over the top of the hold back lever, as I stated earlier, the slide will release when you pull out the mag. You are pulling down on the lever from the inside. 357p95 I think you are just getting lucky with your other magazine. As it wears I think you might find you are going to have the same problem. You don't have this issue with the aftermarket Wilson mags because thay have a SOLID magazine follower and in effect CAN NOT physically ride over and get caught on top of the mag hold back catch. For ****s and giggles if you want to experiment go back to your problem mag use it till it happens again leave it in the state where it does not hold back the slide and I think you'll find the hold back lever is pushed away from the frame about 1/16" or so. Anyway I know this is an old post but just found it after purchasing a Tuarus 1911 in the last couple of days and wanted to share what I found.
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