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Poor boy countersink slide stop

Poor boys countersink slide stop

Hi guys for all of you that would like the countersink slide stop treatment I can explain to you how I did mine myself.

I started by looking around the web to see some and there were some that were very narrow and the pins were not rounded of until I saw Bill Wilson Carry pistol I thought it was perfect because it was wide enough to actually slip your finger in the hole and push the pin, I don't have a shop so I did mine on my work bench, I was told that it was going to be difficult to radius the tip of the pin so that’s were I started.

I knew that what ever I did I shouldn't change the diameter of the pin shaft or the original hole in the frame. The first thing I did was slip the pin through the frame and darken the protrusion with a marker after that, I took it to the grinding wheel and removed the extra marked pin carefully avoiding the pin from over heating.

I didn't want to weaken the steel; I removed just enough to leave it just a little long I figured that while trying to radius the tip of the pin I might need extra material to get it right, I started turning the pin around the grinding wheel until

I got a rough radius.
Now to finish it of and make a perfect polished radius I cut a piece of plumbers emery cloth about 3/4"x 3/4" and laid it on top of a 7/32 hex head screw tip driver you don't want to use a larger one that can grind any portion of the remaining shaft you'll notice that your rough tip probably will be pointier than what you want that’s why you want to leave the pin just a little longer initially.

Well hear come the fun part radius the tip of the pin, install your 7/32" driver to a drill set the emery on top hold it down with the tip of the pin and let it rip at a high rpm the 7/32" will not allow the pin to go to deep which is good but it will polish the tip of the pin to a perfect radius and it will remove the extra pointed tip length with out affecting the remaining shaft.

Now for cutting the countersink on the frame I installed 3/8" new drill bit and placed it on top of the frame hole and drilled at a slow rpm keep your drill straight and only go as deep as the wight of the bit just remove enough material to create a dimple which will be about 1/8" deep excluding the tip of the bit that will fall into the original frame hole about 1/16".

Now I thought about a ball cutter but I knew that if I used it there would be no way to keep it dead center using a hand drill and I thought about a counter sinker but was afraid that the pointed guide could ruin the original frame shaft, so for me a new 3/8" bit would keep it dead center with out even touching the frame shaft.

After I needed to smooth and polish the counter sink and what I used was the same piece of emery which I put across the hole I than installed 422 dremel polishing tip on my drill and pushed it in wish contoured the dremel polisher and at a high rpm polished the inside of the hole until it was perfect about 1 1/2minutes.

Make sure you use a small piece of emery so that it doesn't leave swirl marks on the frame mine left a bit of marks that I removed with emery cloth lightly polished along the frame and it looked like new, I've attached some comparative pictures of my 1911 along side of Bill Wilson Carry pistol.


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