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Originally Posted by madmag
Thanks for the K&D link. Looks good, I will put them on my list.

I have several good pistols/setups for CCW, but lately all I carry is my G36. It seems to fit all my needs. That could change when I get the money to buy yet another pistol.
Always happy to share, especially since I am so pleased with these items. My Glock 36 was my primary carry gun for a few years, but has since been replaced by my Ruger sp101 since picking it up last October or so. I guess I just prefer revolvers more for carry, but the 36 still gets out on ocassion.

Originally Posted by madmag
Added: I forgot the belt. I stopped buying expensive gun belts. I just get a good thick leather belt at Wal-Mart etc. and I find it works just great. Again, expensive does not always mean the best option.
I can't fully agree here. I picked up a few belts from Tractor Supply a while back, some thick work-grade belts. They work great for IWB, and can hand most OWB duties for me, but they don't hold as well as a true gun-belt. I have a belt from K&D That I prefer to use when carrying OWB, and it certainly makes the gun stay much closer and keep from falling aside, especially with my Glock 36 in the JIT Slide, which rides pretty high.

For IWB carry, though, I'd think any decent belt should work well without having to custom order one.
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