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lessons learned

I've shot in two USPSA special classifier matches in the last three weeks.

On the first match, I was able to shoot 4 different guns and shoot 4 classifier stages in each Production Class, Single Stack, Limited 10 and Revolver.

On the second match, I shot 5 classifier stages in Production class.

I've discovered I need to practice engaging multiple targets strong hand only and weak hand only at 10, 12 and 15 yards.

I also need more practice engaging targets partially screen by "no shoot" targets or partially screened by hard cover.

In the first match, I hit 6 "no shoots" (in 16 stages fired)

In the second match, I didn't hit any "no shoots" in 7 stages (of which 5 were classifiers)

And my in-battery reloads are not as fast as my out-of-battery reloads. I'm not sure why, but it's something else to practice.
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