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I don't recommend removing the magazine safety but the part that rubs on the magazine, and the magazine itself can be smoothed up and lubricated so the effect is minimal. The fact is that that is just not a very good trigger mechanism, though I am told that Canadian armorers did wonders with it when it was used in their service pistol matches. It takes a lot of tinkering, though, and a lot of experience.

Just FWIW, the main problem is that the trigger and trigger lever are in the frame, the sear lever is in the slide, and the sear is in the frame. So when the trigger is pulled it pushes the slide up while it is trying to move the sear lever, and the sear lever also tries to move the slide as it pushes down on the sear. If there is play between the slide and frame, the trigger actually moves the mass of the slide while trying to move the sear. It is a "round the corner and down the street" trigger pull that is not at all conducive to accuracy though it was probably the best Browning/Saive could come up with at the time given the requirement for a large capacity magazine.

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