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Somewhere in the north woods of Wisconsin is a .348 round and in the Orogrande mine in New Mexico is a few 357 mag cartridges. Couple of my belts have loops and the bandoleer holster rig I am making will have loops for 44 mag and 20 gauge shotgun shells but other than that all rounds for whatever weapon I am carrying goes into my right front pants pocket and nothing else goes into that pocket.

I hate losing rounds and loops have always been a pain in the yup-yup to get out in a hurry or when I was in certain positions like the close quarters of a blind. Just dos centavos from an old dinosaur. Exception is rounds that fit into a magazine and they go in a pouch.

Just personal experience but other than cowboy movies I don't remember any duty belts from the late 40's and early 50's with loops.
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