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NRA huh

i'm having a delima i was a member 5yrs ago and they spelled my last name wrong. a family member sighned myself up . i gave permission of course but when i started getting mail with my last name spelled wrong and i notified them and they didn't chang it and notified them again and they didn't change it boy i was ****** they want my money and cant spell my last name right. know i might be wrong but my last name is more important to me than me giving them money to pay off polititions. but at the same time i am all for the right to bear arms more so then most i think. i just wish there was another orginization out there to jion with just as much pull. oh and a fellow hunting partner is big time recruiter for the nra and when i told him that story he took the nra pocket knife right out of my hand before i even had time to say if iwas going to sighn up or not. i didn't sighn up threw him that day just to **** him off more. but it is a good orginization i just dont know for give and forget or just leave them alone
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