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I am sure it would work. But just myself I would go bigger, just to stay on the safe side. You do need a few things, placement that goes for anything you hunt keeping it human, practice, and confidence in whatever your shooting. I see so many people right before deer season make three or two shots put the gun away if it is on. Never clean it, or practice. I know it cost some bucks to shoot, but if your after that once in a lifetime deer, or whatever your hunitng it will pay off. You know the rifle what it and you can do, and have the confidence. I like to go out before I hunt shoot several rounds, and try alot of free arm. Just myself when I feel good about it, I go home clean it real good inside and out. Just before season back out one more time, take a few fouling shots, and make sure it is on, a few free arm. Then I leave the bore alone till after season. Every day during season I wipe it off with oil, but leave the bore alone. At the end of season then it gets a good old cleaning till next time. Even when I practice if I shoot it alot, I will take a break, and clean the bore. Lot easier than having a big build up. The people I see that take the two shots never clean there rifle, and have all the stories on how they should have got what the were shooting for. So if you do use a 30-30 or anything else shoot till you know your confidence is there. You will know it when you reach that point.
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