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My normal daily carry is a G36.

I have what might be a surprise. I have various leather holsters for other pistols I CCW, but I find that my Blackhawk nylon holster works great for my G36. I have compared to a Desantis leather holster I have for the G36 and I find the cheap Blackhawk works as well or better. Even in just cool weather I wear a light vest and the Blackhawk holster and the G36 conceals very well.

For summer and just tee shirt I do use a fanny pack for my G36. But I am older and look normal using a fanny pack.

Added: I forgot the belt. I stopped buying expensive gun belts. I just get a good thick leather belt at Wal-Mart etc. and I find it works just great. Again, expensive does not always mean the best option.

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