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you always get the same 2 people (David or Steve) they screwed me and many others.
"10 webpages and a hoax, they dont answer the phone, yet you always get tom or dick."
I have had good experiences with TGS, and you forgot to mention
their site I bought two hi cap mecgar mags for my
Springfield Armory at half the price everybody else wanted. P-14 mags @17.99.
I had to wait one month, cause they were backordered, and when I called to see when they might ship a nice lady answered the phone, not a guy.
I don't think the OP has offered any examples of hoax, or getting screwed over.
I accepted the gun when it arrived at my local FFL beceuse I had no way to contact them or get a refund or exchange
whose fault was that. My FFL would have watched out for me, and helped me make a decision. That's why you get a 3 day no fire examination period.
and you said it was the same gun, except the hunter. sounds like you got the better end of that deal, smokey

and why quote others from other hearsay that cant be substantiated.
TSG caters to glock owners, that is their bread and butter.
If you dont want to pay 8.00 for shipping, buy elsewhere. I dont think unless you find a free ship or flat rate ship, you will see much less that 7.00 even on a spring. You buy online to beat the tax, or cause it's not available elsewhere. If you could have been able to walk in a local shop and buy that item, you would have. Me too.
I wanted the mags, but I wanted UPS, they only ship USPS insured, I wasn't happy, especially when what I thought was in stock turned into 30 days.
I bought my pistol, it came with the same mag, and the gunshop wanted 34.00 for extra mags. I almost didn't buy the gun, because Springfield didn't put, or somebody took the mag pouch from the case. I didn't know what to believe.
I bought the pistol, and called the owner to complain, he said SA was getting cheap on what they were putting in the box, so was I supposed to cancel my order? I dont mess up myself to get even with retailers, I find better deals. So I changed my plans on buying the in-store warranty for $30.00 and bought my extra mags elsewhere. But, I wouldn't say I got shafted. I wouldn't get on a public forum and slander the man's business to get even with him.
I had the chance to nix the deal, and so did you.
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