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BHP Trigger Questions

Maybe its just my imagination or perhaps because I have recently been concentrating and working on trigger control, but here's the question. I normally carry and shoot a Glock 19, or 26, both with standard triggers. Today I took one of my favorite "Safe Queens" a Belgium made Browning High Power 9mm to the indoor range. Its a great pistol, more accurate than I will ever be, and a pleasure to shoot. But I'm having a real problem with maintaining a smooth trigger pull. While the Glock trigger only has to go part of the way forward to reset, the BHP has to travel all the way forward, then has a fairly long and loose pull before meeting some resistance and finally breaking. Is this just because I am unaccoustomed to the BHP or is there trigger work that can be done to help. On slow deliberate shots it works great but trying to shoot rapid fire, I'm yanking the gun all over the place. HELP
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