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A Soldier Died Today by Yoda (Louis Awerbuck)

Awerbuck's editorial in the May 2010 of SWAT is a sad but poignant commentary on the state of this nation's media. It is all smoke and mirrors designed to distract us from reality and to keep us in the dark about the nation's state of affairs. From celebrities to sensationalism (witness the King riots of the '90s), the media's manipulation has risen to the level of abuse such that one is probably better off ignoring it or if they want to learn about current events, compelled to distill it down to three or four word summaries just to get to the unadultered truth. Like Goebbel's propaganda machine, the major news media teaches us what to think, not what is the news. One need only compare the foreign news service to our own to see the pathetic state of our news industry.
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