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"You're not as alert as you think you are." You are right

Pax thanks, in the first video, card trick; I did notice the change in the woman’s top. Sorry to sound sexist but what really noticed was how bad it looked on her. In the second video I counted 14 passes and what I thought was one dribble, I also noted the gorilla in the midst of the ball players. In addition to the gorilla in the second video I remembered there was a gorilla sitting stage right in the first video.

As with most of us I try and to aware of what is going on around me, not only watching but also listening, if I hear footsteps coming from my rear at a faster than normal pace you bet I will slow down move to my right, and turn to see who is approaching, When in a shopping area remember that the glass display windows make an excellent but not overly obvious rearview mirror.

For me it’s important to keep and open eye, ear, and mind, but never to become overly paranoid.
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