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Looking through this thread I am amazed at how much of this I was here to live through. I am surprised at how close to the beginning I first stumbled on TFL. I lurked for a few days and then registered. The first firearms forum that I did register on. I had only been shooting about a year at the time and was looking for good information and a friendly place. And, I think I found it. I have noticed some of the recent changes that go with growth but still find this a most civilized place to be, especially when I ignore the trolls.
I remember the big deal when we got to 1776 members. I remember the name changes and the arrival and growth of some of our current staff.
What I do not remember, since I wasn't able to check in most of last week, is the shut down. Just heard about it on an email forum.
Rich, you've keep a great place. (And how did the memory upgrade go this evening?)

Jim in IN
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