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Hi everyone,

Just found this today and been doing some browsing and reading seems like a nice spot. And I figured since I did a reply to another thread I should go do the customary introduction.

I'm fairly new to owning firearms myself, mostly shot ones that belonged to members of my family's growing up and an occasional rental here and there for new stuff to do on the weekend. But a couple months ago I was out browsing The Gun Store, in Las Vegas (where I live), with a friend. He got a Mosberg, I wasn't planing on buying anything but saw a Marlin 60 SNWS and just caught my eye. Held it up, seemed like a fun plinker with a price that can't be beat. So got that, cleaned it up, got some rounds. While waiting for the weather to clear and head out to the Clark County Shooting Park (best i've ever seen). I ended up with my second gun.

The Classic Big 5 special. $99 Mosin Nagant M91/30. It's a 1933 Izveshk (think I spelt that right). Tip top shape for what I can tell. Spent the weekend doing some cosmoline hunting. Then got some ammo for that, off to the range, spent a good four hours at the shooting park with em both and had a real great time. Both shoot fantastic.

Then recently I got my 3rd firearm. Looking for a pistol I was browsing the local vendors, ended up at one of our top rated pawn shops here in Vegas. And saw a gun that I didn't even know existed. A Smith And Wesson SW40VE. I was looking at some revolvers and some .22lr pistols. Basically wanting to get an inexpensive pistol so I could get my Blue Card, then save up for something for no waiting period. Then I spotted something on the wall, asked what it was. Got the run down on the SW40. And the price as just fantastic. It was just the gun and 1 mag, no other bits n pieces but I walked out there spending still less than I estimated for a nice .22 or .38 revolver. And it's just in fantastic shape, looks like it was only fired a few times. Minimal wear, nothing was out of place, all the mechanics are in great shape. So going to try and take that out to a range this weekend and try it out.

If you ever visit here, and got your firearms on you, go check out the shooting park up north, pistol ranges, rifle ranges from 50 yards to 1000 yards, many skeet and trap, and more to come.. But I'm kind off topic and rambling now. Just wanted to say Hi and hopefully I'll have a good time here.
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