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I want to use the Glock platform for 2 reasons:
1. I shoot Glocks better than any other gun and don't want to retrain on something else that I ONLY plan to carry in the woods vs. being able to take it everywhere with me.
2. I value the reliability of the Glock and the added capacity it will offer over a revolver.

I understand that it probably wasn't designed to shoot these rounds, BUT at the same time feel that if it's possible to take advantage of the indestructible nature of a Glock and it's capable of handling these BIG .45 rounds than it would be foolish not to. I'm not interested in owning lots of different guns; my desire is to be the best with the few I carry (Glock 9mm & pocket .380) and train with them, rather than have many different platforms I'll always be mediocre with, but never get to become an expert with any of them. I don't know if that is logical to anyone else, but that is my reasoning for pushing it with this Glock platform and choosing the 10mm or .45 to shoot out of it. Thanks for all the helpful advice guys, I really appreciate it.

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