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i signed up not too long ago and all iv gotten was junk mail from it..
This statement could not be more wrong. What you got from the membership is support from America's largest and oldest interest/lobbyist group. There is no other group that is larger or more powerful in working to keep our right to keep and bear arms. If it were not for the NRA, I fully believe that none of us would be able to go out a buy a gun today.

As for the junk mail and phone calls...yes, I get irritated with that also, but that is a horrible reason to stop supporting them. They support ALL gun owners by the work they do. Call them and ask them to take you off their mailing lists and call lists, and they will gladly say "yes". If you have to call them a few times about it, so be it. It takes only a few minutes of your time. Don't boycot them over it.

They need money to operate, and we should not insult them for that.
How much money does the Brady campaign have? Do you want the NRA to have more money, power, and size than the Brady people, or not???

I'll let my standard signature finish off my rant for me
Lazy + Complacent = DISARMED
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