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I am a 41 AE guy

Please examine the diameter of my 220g LFP / 1400fps "10mm" load; its bullet mikes at .401".

The 252g (actual) "45" LSWC I choose to launch from my 45 ACP 1911 mikes at .4535". It can be safely launched from my gun very near 1000fps.
(Unsafely, it gets launched nearer 1020fps.)

For some reason, big-diameter kinda-heavy bullets with relatively flat points seem to be extremely effective on animals.

I have no cartridge bias, as each cartridge has good reason for existence, BUT......
......based on your desired performance, I simply recommend a .45X" 250--255g large-meplat lead bullet launched with a minimum velocity of 920fps.
History has already taught us its affect on close-range creatures.
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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