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I have a model 10-5 SN C858XXX. Any info would be appriciated.
1966 (starting at SN C810533 to 1967 (ending SN C999999), so probably '66.

Mod 17-3. Trying to appx date. 18Kxxxx.

Ready to buy a Model 10-8 and wondering what year it was made. S/N 3D42xxx.
SCSW doesn't appear to list any SNs starting with "3D" - 1D, 2D, and 4D up to 30D, (and even D3), but no 3D. And there's no gap in the sequence of years listed where "3D" would fit, i.e., the list goes right from 2D99999 (end of 1978) to 4D00001 (start of '79). Mod. 10-8 was introduced in 1977 and replaced by the 10-10 in 1988, if that helps.
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