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i just got this revolver. it's a 4" barrel and is stamped with the INDIANA STATE POLICE logo on the right side of the frame. the serial# is: 52K97xx
would it have been manufactured about 1978?
Serial numbers ran from 25K0001 in 1978 to 56K9999 in 1979. I would say yours is likely 1979.

I am sorry I left off the caliber it is .32 long and the Blue book puts it pre war,
Your serial number 2799XX makes it a 32 Hand Ejector 3rd Model. Serial numbers ran from 263001 in 1917 to 536684 in 1942.
Heat treating on this model started at SN. 321000 in 1920 so yours pre dates that.
To get an actually shipping date would require a letter from S&W.
Grips would be black rubber with the S&W monogram or walnut with a diamond around the screw escutcheon.
Best place to locate grips would be Gunbroker and Ebay.

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