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I've been using WD-40 on all of my guns for the past 30 years with no adverse effects at all. It's a dry lubricant and penetrates to get out all the dirt that was attracted to the Rem oil I used after cleaning the gun with WD-40. It hasn't ruined any of the metal parts or gummed them up. The correct way to clean a gun is to remove all metal from the wooden stock so it's not an issue on the wood finish anyway. Use your head! Do you soak your ammunition in Rem oil? Why would you soak them in WD-40 as previously mentioned in this thread. The bore and breach of the gun is supposed to be wiped free of heavy oil residue BEFORE firing a chunk of lead down the barrel in the first place. If you don't, you're courting disaster. Bottom line from an experience firearm handler and abuser, WD-40 is great stuff for cleaning all of the metal parts, period.
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