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a light's gone on...

So how about this idea...

Caliber : 10mm
Bullet : 230gr Wide Flat Nose Gas Check Hardcast
Ballistics : 1120fps/ 641 ft./lbs. - Glock 20
Glock 29 - 1075fps

I think this might be the BIGGEST BADDEST 10mm round I could venture out into the woods with, BUT I would need a different barrel though so...

I think I'm going to go with the Glock 30, since it appears that I can purchase an after market 10mm drop-in barrel for $165 and since I will want to be shooting the hard-cast bullets I would have to make another barrel purchase anyway, so why not spend the money on a .45 since they're identical guns besides barrel, springs, and mags. Then I would have the option of 2 calibers out of this deal and could carry .45 as my SD round and could afford to go shooting more often since the cost of rounds would be cheaper. Unless for some reason the dealer is able to get the G29 for cheaper I see no reason not to go forward with this.


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