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Just after Christmas i bought a Glock 29 10mm and have to say i love mine except for the ammo cost.When i go into the woods this next deer season i'm going to c/c mine with 180 gr controlled expansion winchester silver tips.I have added it to my rotation of c/c hands and will more than likely carry it through the summer when i'm on the boat and camping in the back woods.Before the 10 mm i would only carry my 686 4 inch for my fishing/woods/camping needs.I have 5 more rounds and it's much easier to carry a spair mag than a speed loader when it comes time to reload.

Here is something else to think about,the grip of G29 is kinda short and my little finger has to hang off but i just invested in a set of mag extentions.It will cost 17.00 for a set that has the extra finger groove for better control.

The recoil is very manageable also,kinda pushy like a .45,like i said i love mine.
Here is mine after i modified it.

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