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Drop ins

Is this what you were speaking of when saying that I could add a drop in barrel for either caliber? They're fairly cheap and it appears I can also add the .357 Sig round as well! So for $165 per barrel and then the cost of magazines I could technically have 3 guns =) ... this is not a bad deal in my mind.
I'm still struggling with which caliber I should go with though and it's continuing to be a bit of a frustration. I like the large bullet size the .45 offers and with a custom load or +P offering the velocity appears to be pretty high, BUT I also understand that the 10mm is going to be the faster round regardless if loaded in the same way. With this being the case, I really want a heavy bullet that I can use for hand loading at least a 200gr FMJ Flat Nose, but larger if at all possible!
Any ideas/thoughts on this?
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