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I can see that some here have similar experience.

The only thing I have done to the 37A so far (other than thorough cleaning & lube) was to the receiver exterior. When I got it, it had rust on the receiver, not heavy, but the bluing was not in good shape). I got some cold bluing product and followed the instructions on stripping the old finish & cleaning the rust, and then used the cold blue on that part of the gun. I was quite pleased with the end result after 2 treatments. Now I keep a light coating of gun oil on it, and it looks good. Not as good as factory finish, but not bad either. The bluing on the rest of the gun still looks very good.

I still need to touch up the wood a little. It looked like it had been a truck gun for a while, and the finish on the wood was worn in places like it had spent some time on a floorboard. It probably looked that way when my Dad got it. People were always offering to barter something for some work on their vehicles. My Dad was an accomplished general auto mechanic - but was not great at collecting money people owed him. He was just too easy going & always willing to help people out when money was tight.
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