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I have a Model 64-1 that I believe was a turn in gun from the VA or NC State Police. It appears to be polished stainless w/Pachmayr grip and serial number 1D33XX.

My dad picked up a model 36 about 3 years ago, it's his daily carry piece.
Just wanted to date it.
Serial is 3102xx
If there is no "J" prefix then ~1963.

I have a friend who is in her 80's and she has her Dad's 38 S & W.
Serial # 524XXX
It has a patent dates Feb 8, 08 Sept 14, 08 Dec 28, 14 on the 4 inch barrel, has 4 screws on the side plate.
38 Military & Police 4th Change. SN dates it to ~ late 1920's.

Thanks for the help on the Mod. 27. My Mother-In-Law's gun is a .22 Mod. 48-2, serial 6K17xx.


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