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So the 10mm appears to be the winner as far as everyone is concerned...
If I were going to do my own HOT reloads for the woods, are there any companies you'd recommend I pick up my bullets from? I want them to be as heavy as possible, but Flat Nose rather than rounded. I'd also be interested in some FMJs for practice... probably of the 180 gr variety =)
Anyone have any ideas on where I could pick these rounds up at? Also... when it comes down to numbers, how much do you estimate it will cost me per round if I reload my own?
Thank you so much for the advice so far and if anyone feels that the .45 will be a better option, please speak up still, it's just that most have said the 10mm is going to be better and as of right now that's what I'm going to run with.
The BIGGEST downside to this round being picked is that it's tough to find - so I've heard, but when it is found it's REALLY expensive compared to most other ammo. At least it will get the job done right though =)
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