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Is "hard cast" the same as saying lead? What's the difference in hard cast vs. FMJ when they're each Flat Nose and the same grain size? What would be the advantages/disadvantages of each for what I'm interested in?
As far as the .45 ACP +P is concerned from BuffaloBore here's what they say about their rounds:
"... the two non-expanding loads [230gr. FMJ-FLAT NOSE & 255gr. HARD CAST-FLAT NOSE] are designed to shoot through large shoulder bones or the skull on a black bear. These non-expanding bullets also work well if you need to shoot through cover like car doors or stick frame walls."

Part of me wants the .45 ACP simply because finding ammo is going to be easier and cheaper, whether I load or go to the store and purchase the stuff. The other part is saying that it's my life I'm trying to protect and that I should be willing to spend a little extra to ensure my well-being. It sounds like the recoil on these two is pretty similar and at the store today I was told that if I can handle an XD subcompact .40, then I should be able to shoot the Glock 29 no problem - so that is not an issue.

Ok so here's the part where ppl start answering questions u didn't ask. With glock, u can buy the 45 and it will later take a 10mm bbl. Research this before buying.
Tell me more about this option... or where I could find this information at? I'm interested even though I really only am interested in 1 caliber. The option to run either through the same gun is DEFINITELY appealing!

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