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[I think I am missing a selctor switch. Is that the case?]

Yep. - The selector is a long vertical transfer bar that lies between the firing pins/hammer, with a long skinny leg extending downward to that hole in the RH receiver wall, where the metal takes a 90-degree turn into the hole and the inside of the selector slide/button (which is missing from your gun).

The selectors break at the 90-degree turn, so when yours broke, it most likely fell out somewhere, taking the selector button along with it.

tBlake08: - The "J" on the underside of your barrels sounds like the Savage date code for 1958.

The Savage Date Codes were usually circled letters stamped into the barrel bottoms between the hinge and forend iron, started in 1949 (A) and going consecutively until 1970 (X).


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