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Costco $7.50 "tactical" light as a weapon light

I already bought my 2 160-lumen costco "tactical" flashlights, and am thinking of getting a couple more. I like them, especially for the cost. I'm thinking of using a scope ring to mount one of these to a 22lr rifle accessory rail (kel tec su-22) and another with an old mount i have to my shotgun mag tube (mossberg 500).

I know it probably won't last long on the shotgun, I'd guess it will last a while on the 22. I'm not expecting miracles, just wondering how long before it's dead.

I've got one surefire, and don't feel like buying two more for 'just in case'/'for fun' lights.

My questions
1. Has anyone tried one of these on a gun?
2. Anybody broken one of these lights yet?
3. What did it take to break it?
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