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As I recall, Ft. Knox is now a closed base, which means unless you have an official reason to be there, you're likely not getting on. Kind of sad, when I was younger I used to go to French range on base with my pals. The longest range I know of around my area (Louisville) is Knob Creek, but just outside of Lexington there is a place called the Bluegrass Sportsmen's League, Inc. ( Looks like they only have up to 300 yd. ranges though. You also have to be a member if my reading was correct. It looks like a very nice facility though.
"I know a .308 can kill out to 600 yards and beyond. But hunting isn't just about killing but about killing humanely. I have no qualms shooting Sameer the car bomber at 600 yards with a regular ball round and having him slowly bleed to death in an alley covered in goat crap 8 hours later to be torn apart by stray dogs." -MTMilitiaman
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