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Originally Posted by draggon
I have a Pact Chrono/Timer older model and it has given me excellent service over many years.
I also recently purchased a ProChrono digital just for ease of use. Chose it over other compact models because it has a large shooting window and easy to read screen. It has been ultra reliable and speeds are comparable to those measured on the Pact. If you are careful and don't let anyone else use it, then it probably won't end up shot.

The club I belong to has a CED with IR screens for indoor use. Maybe they were unlucky but it is next to useless indoors, works OK outdoors but no better than any of the others above.
The ProChrono Digital was the 2nd one on my list. It's gotten generally favorable reviews, but I see two downsides with it . . . you CAN shoot it's brains out, and you need to spend another $50 to be able to download your shot strings to a computer. If the former happens, I understand that Competition Electronics does a good job of taking care of you, even to the point of fixing your "error" for free. But the latter issue was a big one for me; I wanted a "plug 'n play" unit that came with what I needed. Adding that $50 to the cost of the ProChrono brought it right into the same price range as the CED, and the (very large) remote display was just tasty icing on the cake.

Oh, and I used the CED M2 today during a snow flurry. Every shot registered
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