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Yes, it is a 37A. I really didn't know that much about these guns until I read some of the historical info posted by more knowledable people here. Although maybe not meeting the standards of the classic model 37, it was still a pretty hansome shotgun in it's own right. Especially as compared to many other single shots guns marketed for "reasonable" prices.

Even today, in the condition it is in, (which is pretty good) it is a hansome & elegant shotgun design. It seems to handle easily and is lightweight - compared to modern pumps or autos. I could see walking through the country with a gun like this. Since I am not really a hunter, I doubt if I will do that. I would rather shoot animals with a camera than a firearm. That has been my nature since I came of age but I think each individual should make their own choices about hunting. I don't see where they cut many corners on this model gun. Some high quality walnut would have improved the stock, but the maple that was used was very utilitarian and the stain process made it look pretty good.

Comparing the weight to my recently acquired NEF Partner 12 ga Pump - makes the 37A feel very light indeed.

I agree with some others that there was a certain purity and sportsmanship using the old single shot designs that may be somewhat lacking in the highly efficient designs of modern autos and pumps. I know as a young adult in the 50's growing up in East Texas, there were a lot more single shots in use than there were more expensive designs. Even relatively poor people could scrape together the cost of a decent new or used single shot shotgun. It was just such a useful and cost effective thing to have in many homes, especially in the more rural areas of the country. Many a hearty meal was provided by the proceeds from the use of these simple guns. In those days, you could buy a box of 12 ga shells for under $2.00 .

I did some bird hunting in those days using a gun not nearly as nice as this one, but found hunting wasn't really in my nature. However, if my family was hungry, I would have turned to hunting and have no doubt I could have been successful in helping to provide for them.
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